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“Forestry Mulching is an environmentally friendly way to protect soil and support existing habitats.”

What We Do

Primarily, we do what we say we’re going to do, and we strive to do it right! From commercial site preparation jobs to our work for farmers, hunters, and other individual landowners, we bring a seasoned, pragmatic, honest and common-sense approach to the table.

We Take Pride In Our Work

We’re proud of every completed project and have many satisfied repeat customers. Below is more information on the type of work we do as a grading and excavation general contractor.

Commercial Site Preparation

  • Clearing & grubbing

  • Excavating, cut/fill etc.

  • Rough and finish grading

  • Building pads

  • Storm Drainage installation – pipe, catch basins, detention ponds

  • Demolition


  • Land clearing

  • Terraces & erosion control

  • Ponds & lagoons – new & repair

  • Building pads

  • Roads – new & repair

  • Large service-area

Recreational / Individuals

  • Ponds – new & repair

  • Roads/driveways – new & repair

  • Land clearing

  • Wildlife food plots

  • Building pads

  • Demolition


What Our Customers Say

We Let our reviews speak for themselves.

"We hired Virginia Forestry and Mulching to clear brush, dead wood, saplings and smaller trees from our backlot which was unusable. Kevin came out promptly and gave us an estimate. We scheduled the work soon after. He spent three days clearing, mulching and grading and then brought in a load of topsoil and leveled that in an area in which we wish to plant grass. The end result is a park-like natural area which shows off mature trees and leaves plenty of room to run around plus an area for lawn. He and his helper were very professional and communicative throughout the entire process."

—Renee C.  Centreville, VA

"We hired Kevin hoping he could improve the appearance of our wooded area. He traveled here sight unseen and transformed our entire property. He arrived everyday at 7 am as he said he would immediately got to work and did not stop until the day was done. His professionalism was outstanding. When I arrived home from work each day in awe of his work that day, he took the time to walk the area and make sure that both myself and I were happy. I can't explain how satisfying hiring Kevin turned out. He has turned my yard from a constant project into a beautiful, usable park like setting! We absolutely love it. I wish there were more companies operated by owners who care and strive for customer satisfaction as much as Kevin does. Simply put the best experience I have had hiring a company to provide a service EVER."

—Jameson C.  Cape Charles, VA

"I was pleased to find a Company that makes their consumer's satisfaction a priority. I had 4 other estimates and Kevin and his Crew went above and beyond my expectations. They completed the job ahead of schedule and significantly cheaper than the other companies I met with. I will definitely recommend Virginia Forestry Mulching & Excavating to my family and friends!"

—Anna Z.  Baltimore, MD

"Best quote we found after a few weeks of asking around. His crew put in a solid 9-10 hours a day and made our woods look so good. No muss, no fuss. Just honest folks putting in good hard work."

—Hector M. Forest, VA

"They took our useless 5 acres of scrub brush and fallen trees in Lynchburg and turned it into a park. We highly recommend using Kevin to clear your lots. We'll be calling them again soon!"

—RRC Clan Lynchburg, VA

"I have been preparing my 10 acre lot for an upcoming house build. I obtained 3 quotes from various local companies, and I am so glad I did! VA Forestry Mulching and Excavating had the best rates; new and powerful equipment to get the job done, and excellent customer service.

They were wonderful to work with and always kept me informed of everything that was going on. From the first day of meeting with the owner; up until the last day - they always provided a full days of HONEST work, professionalism, and utmost respect for the property. If there were any obstacles, such as weather or conflicting schedules; they did their best to work with me to immediately remedy the issue.

Give them a shout! I promise you will not be let down!"

—Renjit P.  Midland, VA

"Where was Kevin Terral and his equipment when the United States built the Panama Canal? Except for the yellow fever problem, the canal would have been built faster, at less cost, and environmentally friendly.

Virginia Forestry and Mulching is a company that strives to manage forested land where tree debris and other organic matter are left on the forest floor to decompose. I wanted this organic material to help improve soil fertility, retain moisture, and reduce my back yard erosion. Before Kevin and his crew worked on my property, much of my land had already washed into the Potomac River since the last century.

One of the benefits of mulching is that it provides a natural source of nutrients for trees and other vegetation, promoting healthy growth. Some of my elderly trees are surviving because of the mulching treatment they received thanks to Kevin’s expertise. It also helps prevent soil compaction, allowing for better root penetration and water absorption. I used to trip over bare tree roots and now I rarely see a tree root thanks to Kevin’s equipment which is designed to rearrange the forest floor. Additionally, mulch can provide a favorable microclimate for certain plant species by moderating soil temperature and moisture levels. Kevin was able to explain these less obvious benefits of mulching to me which makes me appreciate even more what my forest can gain from the mulching experience.

Mulching can also have some drawbacks. If improperly managed, it can provide habitat for pests and diseases that can harm trees. Over-mulching can also create an excess of organic matter, leading to reduced oxygen levels in the soil and limiting the growth of tree roots as Kevin has explained to me. Additionally, mulch can also interfere with regeneration efforts if it is too thick and hinders the growth of young seedlings. I sometimes buy young trees to plant in my old growth forest, and I feel assured that Kevin will keep an eye on their health.

Virginia Forestry and Mulching can be an effective tool in forest management. Kevin manages the task as it must be done carefully and in accordance with a well-designed plan. Effective mulching requires an understanding of the forest ecosystem and the interplay between different components, something Kevin and his experienced crew have well in hand."

—Peter H.  Great Falls, VA

"Kevin from VA Forestry Mulching & Excavating did a fantastic job leveling part of my backyard and regrading the rest. We have a big hill on the back of our 1 acre property, and wanted to create a flat space at the bottom to make the shady area more usable. We also had some trees removed, so the hill itself was very uneven and needed to be smoothed out. Finally, we had some erosion issues from the downspout in the middle of our house, and needed a French drain put in and the eroded area brought back up to level with the surrounding.


After talking it through with Kevin, he saw the vision for the space, and felt confident he could get it done. Three days later, and my backyard is transformed. There's now a huge flat space at the bottom of the hill, and yet the slope doesn't feel too steep anywhere. The backyard is now a much safer space for my daughter to play, with more zones for fun activities and entertaining.


The price was very reasonable. I did a lot of waffling while work was being done about whether I wanted to stick with grass and straw, as contracted, or splurge on adding topsoil or sod, and Kevin was very prompt in pricing out all options, and I always felt like I was getting his honest advice. Overall, it was a great experience."


—B. Pasour, Annandale, VA

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